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Leading Sports Nutrition Expert Reveals How You Can Develop Nutritional Skills So You Can Improve Your own Nutrition and Confidently Give Sports Nutrition Advice to Clients

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Why You Should Have This Course

If you are interested in becoming an expert in sports nutrition, improving your knowledge base, adding an extra income stream by giving QUALITY nutrition advice to your clients then this is going to be the most EXCITING message you may ever read!

Here’s why:

Working in elite sports nutrition since 2002 with many professional teams and organisations Matt Lovell has amassed a great deal of knowledge in how to improve performance through nutrition.

Matt often appears on TV, is asked to go on national radio and regular writes for the top fitness and sports magazines

Matt is also the nutrition consultant for Kinetica Sports Nutrition helping them develop and formulate their product range.

Matt has been working with Gavin Allinson since 2006. Together they produced Matt’s first online product  Four Week Fat Loss.

Matt had a conversation with Gavin before he was due to go on holiday and said:

“I’m going to have a bit of a blitz  to get in shape for the beach”

Gavin replied saying:

“Ok, lets track everything you do, what, when and how you are going to eat, what exercise you do we’ll document it all and turn it into an information product that you can use with your clients first and then we can sell it as a stand alone product”

Four Week Fat Loss has been a hit of an underground hit and sold multiple 1000’s of copies over the past 8 years.

Gavin helped Matt write and produce many other products. These include:

Our initial focus was to

"Create products and manuals that Matt
could use with his clients before and after consultations."

When working with clients  a large percentage of information is common for every client. Producing an electronic manual that the client can read helps improve the process so that in the consultations we can discuss more the application of the basic principles rather than explaining the concepts.

Here are some of the manuals that we have created. We decided to then make them available online so that we could assist more people and those that could not  afford to have an in person consultation.


It’s designed for you to lose fat but perhaps just as importantly to re-educate you about food and how you eat so that you can maintain your weight and not yo-yo up and down.

Works with athletes and members of the general public too.
Learn Principles that will last a lifetime.


Advanced muscle building and recovery strategies,
6 Distinct phases that you can layer on top of each other
Includes numerous different training programs for hypertrophy
this is a high end product that sells for £295


How to prepare, eat well and perform on the day of your event.

Match Day Nutrition starts at least 48 hours before your event.

1 Month MUSCLE

Basic essentials for building muscle.
What every gym goer needs to know about how to build muscle
The most common supplements you need to get started and
training programs to accompany them.


How to boost your immune system to maximize training performance and recovery


Recovery, training and endurance performance


When you are chronically stressed your adrenals can become ‘burnt out’ and can’t keep up. If you are suffering from this you need to take a Cortisol test to identify the times of day your adrenals need support.


Matt has also hosted many live seminars over the years as well where clients pay £150-£300 a day to attend.  We have recorded a lot of these seminars and they form substantial parts of the Practical Sports Nutrition Course:


Matt has also authored a recipe book Palm Sized Plan Recipe Book and also written a nutrition guide book A Fist Full of Food, both available on Amazon.

palm-sized-plan fist-full-of-food

Over the years Matt and Gavin have created an extensive range of nutritional information, there was a need to.


We work with many personal trainers, S and C Coaches, Pro Athletes, Nutritionists and weekend warriors all of whom want to improve their own performance, increase their nutritional knowledge and confidence and get EXCEPTIONAL results for their clients.

Instead of having all our information scattered across numerous websites, and different electronic products it made sense to bring it all together and house it in on one site and create a Practical Sports Nutrition Course

While Matt loves the science and the technical and theoretical applications of sports nutrition, Gavin takes more the practical approach of how to apply the information for the client to use..

Much of the nutritional information available online especially some of the courses currently being marketed focus on theoretical information that is freely and widely available in text books and websites.

We have distilled our information into an advanced

Practical Sports Nutrition Course

That will equip you to give high level sports nutrition advice across a range of sports.  The course is..

  • Self paced online move through modules in your own time.
  • Regular modular assessments to test understanding
  • Range of information from the basics to scientific
  • Busy Forum interact with other enthusiastic participants
  • Weekly e-mails to help keep you on track
  • Over 30 hours of Seminar footage
  • Supplement protocols for different sports and situations
  • Live Q and A calls

Who Can Benefit From This Course

  • Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Healthcare Professionals (e.g. Physiotherapists, Chiropracters, Osteopath’s)
  • Dieticians and Nutritional Therapists
  • Professional Sports People
  • Recreational Athletes

What’s Inside This Course

There are over 40 stand alone Modules that make up the course. Each module is carefully designed to teach you everything about that specific area. Some modules contain sections on…

  • Review popular fat loss diets
  • Macros for muscle building
  • Try 6 different diets and assess the results
  • Insulin sensitivity and hypertrophy
  • Exercise concepts for muscle growth
  • Supplement protocols for different sports.
  • Hormonal manipulation using food and supplements
  • Immune boosting strategies
  • Cortisol lowering protocols
  • Vegetarian performance diet
  • Travelling internationally
  • Fat loss for physique athletes
  • Useful diagnostic tests

Here is a screen shot of what some of the modules look like


Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

Craig Pickering in the 100m in the Olympics with Usain Bolt

It’s been very helpful, it increased my knowledge base, and I feel much more confident now going forward giving advice to future clients in personal training, strength and conditioning and hopefully I’ll really improve my potential prospects. Overall, I really recommend the course

Craig Pickering in the 100m in the Olympics with Usain Bolt
Karina Bryant Judo Bronze Medalist 2012 Olympics

As a Heavyweight Judo International I never had to look after my weight I was regulalrly fighting athletes a lot bigger than me. I use the Usana range of multi-vitamins and minerals, but never really used any supplements that could improve performance. Having been involved with Matt’s course I now realise that there is a lot more that I can do to assist my performance during training and recovery as I head towards my 5th Olympics in Rio 2016

Karina Bryant Judo Bronze Medalist 2012 Olympics
Former England Rugby International (23 Caps), England 7’s Captain and Professional Rugby Coach

I first came across Matt Lovell back when I first started playing for England in 2000. It was obvious back then that he REALLY knew his stuff and I have taken that knowledge he gave me over the 10 years to gradually implement a lot of his philosophies for my self and in the teams I’ve been involved with. I am now in the process of setting up my own training facility and performance consultancy company with other coaches, so I wanted to bring myself up to speed with the latest teaching in the world of Sports Nutrition and more importantly be confidant in providing nutrition advice to my clients. Matt’s Practical Sports Nutrition Course is enabling me to do just that and my knowledge and confidence is increasing week by week.

Former England Rugby International (23 Caps), England 7’s Captain and Professional Rugby Coach
Marinas Florin

I’ve been reading nutritional research and science for years. I also helped many people lose weight, gain muscle, and improve their life. But all I learned through years was in bits and pieces. It took me years to get them together in my head. Matt’s course has all these years of theory and practice condensed into a well organized course. After taking his course, I’m more confident to handle clients and their problems. I feel like I mastered all aspects of nutrition with Matt’s help, and the authority I got is priceless. I now have more people asking for my help, and more clients waiting on the line. From all the  courses I took online, this is the most comprehensive and up to date with the latest research. I recommend it to everyone involved in nutrition and training

Marinas Florin

What Skills Do You Need As A Sports Nutritionist

We have identified the skills that a Sports Nutritionist needs to have. If I was interviewing someone for a position these are the areas that I would want them to be able to demonstrate proficiency in

How would you score yourself on a 1-10 scale on each of them?

By measuring where you start at the beginning of the course, we can help you identify the areas you need to focus on and monitor your progression through the course.

Monitoring and Measuring

You need some way to track the progress that your clients make whilst working with you. There are numerous tools that you need to be proficient in using skin fold calipers, measuring body circumferences, bio impedance scales.

Are you going calculate an estimated body fat % or are you going to total up a sum of the skin fold measurements.

It’s also important to know when and how to use blood tests, stool testing for bacterial imbalances and for pathogen and yeast infections.

We will help you make the decisions on what systems to use and show you different frameworks to use in practice or on yourself.

Writing Diet Plans

It’s a skill to take a clients history, analyse their existing plan, identify their future goals and then create a diet plan that fits their lifestyle, training program, intolerances and food preferences. We give you ample practice to do this in the course and to develop your skills. You’ll get to practice with other students sharing plans and getting feedback from Matt and Gavin and other students.

Constructing A Supplement Strategy

There are hundreds of supplements to choose from in the market place and the ability to be able to confidently answer questions on a wide range of supplements that your clients will know about helps establish credibility and build rapport with your client.

Often you will need to provide supplements in specific phases around training and competition.
For competition all supplement protocols need to be practiced and reviewed before implementation on event day.

For hypertrophy cycling and rotating supplements is an invaluable skill to learn in order to get optimal results.

Most people will know the foundational principles; it’s the extra 10-20% that you can use that can help make the difference to your clients.

Identifying The Root Causes Of The Issue

When athletes consult with you it’s important to be able to drill down and identify the root cause of their issue, with a weight loss client there could be a number of reasons aside from the obvious (eating too much and not exercising enough), it could be timing issues, stress, lack of sleep, cortisol or thyroid issues. There are many potential biochemical factors at play before we even think about the psychological.

If you don’t identify the root cause of what is causing the issue then you may manage to get results in the short term but long term the client is less likely to make permanent change

Understanding Demands Of Your Client Population

Working in sports nutrition you may develop a specialism in one particular sport or area. Whilst this can be good when you get to the top of the sports nutrition pyramid, when you are starting out there aren’t many full time positions available in the industry and you often need to have skills across the board.

Increasingly there is demand from serious masters athletes to have specialist advice and there are many people who like to follow different approaches like vegetarianism or paleo. You might not necessarily agree with these approaches, but you can work with clients to make optimal choices.

There is a lot of cross-pollination between sports that may on the face if it be unconnected e.g. you can pick up strategies from endurance sports that you can use in sports like rugby where there is an endurance component.

Applying The Correct Protocols

It’s important to have a broad base of solid understanding of the key principles to apply the correct nutritional protocols. There are lots of situations, which require different interventions. You will need to justify to clients what you are suggesting is safe and effective is backed up with good solid evidence for their use, using foods and supplements with a good safety record.

Recovery from injury, boosting the immune system, over training, altitude training, anti-inflammatory, natural testosterone boosting. We teach you the methodology and provide the steps for you to use these tools with your clients.

Motivating And Coaching Your Clients To Take Action

You can have all the knowledge and answers in the world if you can’t work with your clients and help them make a change then what is the point in having that knowledge. While we are not going to teach you how to win friends and influence people we will teach you some basic do’s and don’ts on working with clients so they enjoy working with you and ultimately get results.

And That’s Not All


What’s More, You Can Have This Course Risk Free

Here’s what we ask of you:

  • Sign up for the course
  • Get involved
  • Apply yourself in areas you are weak in
  • Complete all the assignments
  • Be active in the forums

COMPLETE THE STEPS ABOVE and we GUARANTEE you will get nutrition clients.

If these nutrition clients don’t pay you double the cost of the course within 3 months then we will happily give you a refund.  Don’t ask for a refund if you are not going to apply yourself though.

Better And More Practical Than A University Course

On successful completion of the course we will endorse you on our website as a professional with a high degree of nutritional knowledge and you will qualify for insurance to practice giving sports nutrition advice.

We are in discussions with a University who is interested in using this complete course for a Post Graduate Diploma Or MSc in Sports Nutrition.

Can you get a University standard course for anything less than £5000 a year?

If we go ahead with the University we may have to stop selling this course online so the opportunity might not be around for ever.

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Let’s Recap – Here’s What You Get

  • Includes Seminar Content
  • Four Week Fat Loss – Valued £37
  • 1 Month Muscle – Valued £14
  • Regenerate – Valued £295
  • Match Day Metabolism – Valued £19
  • Endurance Nutrition – Valued £19
  • Immune Boosting Guide – Valued £19
  • Sleep Protocols – Valued £19
  • Access To Forum – Valued £99
  • Endorsement On Our Website – Valued £100

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Matt Lovell and Gavin Allinson

Matt Lovell and Gavin Allinson

P.S. Our Practical Sports Nutrition course is being  used and recommended by top athletes all over the world. This is why we can offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have real world results from athletes and people using it – all we ask is to apply what we teach you.

P.P.S. We are currently still putting the finishing touches on the later modules that is why we have a discounted price when the course is accredited the price will rise significantly or will be withdrawn one or the other.

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